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Wah… Today morning, woke up and did some internet GPT chores. After that, went straight to my assignment which is due tomorrow and I haven’t even started on it. Work all the way till 5 pm and my laptop is going flat. No choice so have to use ding ling’s PC to continue developing. Understand that her PC do not have MS Visual Basic Express. So went to download it and help her out for BBQ dinner. Yum yum… although her mum and I almost set fire to the flats. LOL. It went, wow… Fire burning the chicken wings… to WOW! Chicken wings on fire!

Had my dinner of the black chick ken wings and my ding ling’s yakitori, I went back to do my work on the assignment. At about 8pm, wanted to go print my assignment but all printing shops are closed! My my… No choice so sms my friends. My best friend, Leslie, the dog lover, offered to “borrow” me his new printer. I was like eh…. How can? He just said, he never used it and left there for months. So ok loh… Took it and it got no USB cable! Haix… A bad day… Went to search for the USB cable and found one but it doesn’t really fit… Has to sneak to kitchen to get a scissor to trim it(It’s already 1am in the morning). Now the printer is working!

But! No plain A4 paper! Haix… No choice but went to Prime and get plain paper. $5.20 for 500 plain paper leh… hmmm ok lah… not that ex. Then now comes the best part… It take 4 minutes for the printer to start up! And it’s making a lot of noise! (Remember, it’s already 2am in the morning)

Finally printed my assignment hardcopy……

A day of full exhaustion… 12nn – 3am…


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