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Finally has a chance to update my blog.

Recently I have found out a way to earn fast money online. However, I won’t be writing an ebook on it. I will find 10 personal friends and do it with me. That’s how it will goes for now.

Today, received a call from my sister saying she will pay my school fees if she see the payment slip. As if I wanna cheat my mother’s money. All I want to do is to study to a better qualification and provide my family with a better life. And this is what I get. Every night I worked myself till 1-4am and I seldom even has the 6 hours to sleep.

Is what I doing, the wrong way? Haix…

Recently I am totally refined in blogging… haha… Learnt all techniques to blog and earn money online… Hopefully my monetized blog will give me money soon…


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